New Leaders at Talk of the Tower

Talk of the Tower is proud to announce new officers! Several officers have renewed their titles, while we welcome some new faces to the officer roster. Robert Lesnau, Area Director, and Peter Trotter, Assistant Area Director, held the induction ceremony on Tuesday.

  • President: Brian Del Savio
  • VP Education: Mickey Bennett, DTM
  • VP Membership: Demetris Mosley
  • VP Public Relations: Kendall Mason, ACS, CL
  • Secretary – Barry Rothschild
  • Treasurer –  Jason Jackson
  • Sergeant of Arms – Jerrica Gentry

We welcome club officers and any club members to TLI training on Tuesday, July 24. More details here. 

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Icebreaker wins best speech!

We had two great speakers at our meeting today, including the first speech from our newest member, Victor Bridgeman! Victor took home Best Speaker Award for his Icebreaker. It’s always a joy to see a new member give their first speech and learn more about them. Victor shared openly and honestly with the audience, telling us about his past and how it shaped who he is today.

Dave Hill, one of our veteran members and contestant in the World Championship of Speaking Semi-Finals in 2014, gave a speech about the art of inserting humor into speeches. We all learned a ton about the rule of three and other ways to encourage belly laughs.

We were excited to welcome several guests to our club today and hope to see them back again!

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What Is Your Story?

Special Announcement: We will not have a meeting Tuesday, July 3. Our next meeting will take place Tuesday, July 10. 

The theme for our meeting today was inspired by the stories we tell ourselves. We all tell ourselves a story — it can be positive or negative. It’s up to you! What story are you going to tell today?

We had two excellent speakers today. Jason Jackson won Best Speaker for his speech titled “Running the 4.” We learned of his daughter’s talent for running the 400 meters, and her approach to running the race. She uses Michael Johnson’s theory of the 4 P’s: push, pace, position, and pray. This concept not only relates to running; this can be applied in any situation to push through difficult situations.

Next we heard Barry Rothschild’s speech titled “A Dog Changed Our Lives.” Barry told us of his dog Nala, who has changed his family’s life for the better. He spoke of the power of dogs to improve lives. Barry is one of our newest members and is growing quickly!

Jessica Stanford spiced it up with a very fun and different Table Topics! Victor Bridgeman won best Table Topics for the description of his pet “dragon” named Slinky. He made us all laugh with his description of owning a pet dragon, who burned all his furniture.

Kendall Mason and Erin Marshall closed the meeting with evaluations for the two speakers. Kendall won Best Evaluation for her feedback to Barry.

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Every Day is a Fresh Start


One thing is certain. If you need some inspiration in your life, join us at Talk of the Tower Toastmasters! Jerrica kicked off our meeting with a highly motivating statement: “Every day is a new day to start over. Yesterday is the past, today we start fresh.” What a great reminder to approach every day as an opportunity to do something great. Why not start by improving your communication and leadership skills?

We heard two great speeches on Tuesday. One of our newest members, Kyle Rademacher, gave his second speech called “The Backcountry.” We learned of his first-hand experience hunting in the wild, miles from civilization. He discussed how the mental challenge was more difficult than the physical one, camping on his own in the cold weather. We’re excited to hear more amazing speeches from Kyle!

Club President, Brian Del Savio, took the stage next with a speech titled “The City That Never Sleeps… Because It Can’t Afford To.” Brian immediately drew us in with his comparison of the cost of living between New York City and Dallas. Brian had everyone convinced we’re living in the better city! Brian also took home Best Speaker of the day.

Table Topics were led by Erin Marshall. Our newest member, Barry Rothschild, took home the award for Best Table Topics. We learned about how he and his wife celebrate life by practicing yoga and Shabbat.

No Toastmasters meeting would be complete without evaluations. Delivering concise, timely feedback is crucial to the growth of our members. Kendall Mason took home the award for Best Evaluator, providing critique on Brian’s speech.

We’d like to give a special shout out to our newest members Kyle Rademacher, Barry Rothschild, and Cynthia Lewis. We hope Taylor and Victor continue to visit us and welcome all other guests to check out the magic of Talk of the Tower!

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Are you maximizing your 24 hours?

We’re all given 24 hours in a day. Are you maximizing your time? Brian Del Savio, Club President of Talk of the Tower Toastmasters, reminded us of this today during his motivational words. He played this video, which had us all inspired for our meeting!

You have 24 Hours

Our two speakers gave excellent speeches. Erin Marshall had us all thinking twice about the amount of stress we experience in our daily lives during her speech “Under Pressure.” Erin completed Project 7 from her CC Manual, Research Your Topic. Erin gave us informative details about the three types of stress and the consequences chronic stress can have on your health and overall wellbeing. She gave us her top 3 tips to reduce stress — exercise, prioritizing, and quiet time. Erin took home the Best Speaker Award!

Kendall Mason gave our second speech of the day. She is completing the Evaluation and Feedback Project as part of her first Pathways project. Kendall spoke about her company’s value proposition in her speech titled “Putting the RAD in Non-Traditional Benefits.”

Our  Table Topics were led by Jerrica Gentry, who asked tough questions about staying motivated. Jessica Stanford won Best Table Topics discussing something new she had never done before.

Finally, our evaluators reflected on both speeches and gave constructive feedback. Jason Jackson won Best Evaluator for his evaluation of Erin’s speech.

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest member Kyle Rademacher! We’re so happy to have you in our group. Big thanks to our guests for continuing to join us. We hope to see you back again!



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Learning From Failure

FAILUREA very clear theme emerged at Talk of the Tower’s Tuesday meeting on April 2: however painful, failure teaches you something. This point was especially brought home with Jason Jackson’s speech titled “Even When you Lose, You Still Win.” Jason told us a touching story about what at first seemed like the biggest failure of his life, but wound up revealing what was truly important to him. Jason’s speech was enhanced with excellent hand gestures and use of the stage. Jason won Best Speaker!

Our second speaker, Kendall Mason, spoke about the many achievements of her 91 year-old grandmother. The speech was inspired by her grandmother’s nomination for a service award from Skidmore College, where she will be attending her 70 year reunion in June. Kendall is thrilled to accompany her grandmother on this trip.

As always, Table Topics are a great way to exercise our skills of thinking “on the spot.” Liza Philip led the topics for the day, asking interesting questions and keeping us all on our toes. Brian Del Savio won Best Table Topics!

Our evaluators, Erin Marshall and Brian Del Savio each gave encouraging and constructive feedback to our speakers for them to incorporate into their next speeches. Brian Del Savio also won Best Evaluator!

We’d like to give a WARM welcome to our newest member, Ravali Mara. Big thanks also to our honored guests! We’re glad you came and hope you join us again. Talk of the Tower continues to grow, and we’re excited to have you all with us!

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Lots of Laughs at Talk of the Tower


Tuesday’s Talk of the Tower meeting had us all laughing out loud and feeling good. Veteran member Dave Hill kicked off the meeting with motivational words. He spoke about his friend, Donna Mack, who recently gave an incredibly motivational speech. We encourage you to watch it here:

Dee Mosley gave our first speech of the day appropriately titled “A Girls Trip.” This is speech #4 from Competent Communicator. She told a funny and heartwarming story about her recent girls trip to Oklahoma. Dee did a masterful job using descriptive words to make us feel like we were on the trip, too!

We were all inspired by the second speaker, Qualonda Bennett. Her speech “Make Like a Chicken… and Wing It!” not only made us laugh, but also made us think about how we should let go of our fears and “wing it” more often in life.

Liza Phillip gave our final speech of the day titled “Leadership.” Completing speech #5 from Competent Communicator, Liza spoke about the leaders she most admires and what makes them special. She reminded us that leading by example is a very important part of leadership.

Table Topics was led by Mickey Bennett, who also provided our Word of the Day – “Vernal” – meaning related to Spring. As always, our evaluators gave great feedback. Evaluations are a vital part of the Toastmasters methodology — getting immediate positive and constructive feedback to improve right away.

We welcome guests and would love to meet you at our next Toastmasters meeting! Come see us every Tuesday at noon at 14240 Proton Rd. in Dallas.

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